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Stelly's Class of 1981
Class Bulletin Board

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Would you like to publish any thoughts about Stelly's on this page? If so, send us your thoughts in an email, and we will get them posted. Any funny stories to tell??

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"In the News" Responses

I might use this area to post some of the answers I received to the "In the News" question on the home page. I might use a format similar to this one:

TJ: I think I'd be the butler, because he's the one who got to see everything but didn't get caught up in it all. Something bad happened to everyone else but him, so I guess he's the one who came out all right.

Class Comments

I might use this area to post comments people have sent me on how they feel class is going and topics they'd like to see covered in more (or less!) detail.

To encourage frank discussion, I may make the comments in this area anonymous.

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